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About Hatyai Resort Golf Club

Our course is an 18 hole championship layout, very challenging from the back tees if you like 7,000 yard layouts! The eighth hole, for example, is 474 yards from the blue tees. The green is two tiered with a big scoop taken out of it on the right side, and the length v. the narrowness of the green makes it hard to hit from over 200 yards (or more) out. Should you hit it though, you will be rewarded with the pleasure of putting on a green where the obvious lines are true and the not-so-obvious are extremely subtle. Hit a good putt here and if the ball doesn't drop it will finish just past the hole.
Early morning:18th green and fairway

About the Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Dave Hill
Defensive Coordinator: Bevan Erickson
Linebacker Coach: Dale Ainge
Offensive Coordinator: Brad Pace
Running Back Coach: Chris Henderson


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